Silicon Wafer Recycling Process

By recycling and subsequently re-using goods, products, materials and equipment, not only is sustainability developed in terms of reducing carbon footprints, financial savings can be made by all and sundry immersed in industrial, commercial, processing and manufacturing and distributing work. It is left to the silicon wafer manufacturer to produce the goods if you will in terms of preparing new silicon wafers on behalf of those industrialists who have a requirement for these materials in their industrial space.

silicon wafer manufacturer

The silicon wafer manufacturer has the ability to recycle quite a few thousand wafers during a single working day. It caters for a global market. Fast turnarounds are the order of the day if you will. All stock is efficiently managed via a centralized inventory system. Just as much as the client will be benefiting from cost savings across the board, the manufacturer is also encouraged. It is cost effective for him to manage the reclaimed wafer inventory through his computerized management systems.

And that leaves plenty of leeway to provide technical support to clients who certainly need it. No less than ten wafer stripping and reclaiming procedures are in place. And among these steps, no less than four quality assurance tasks will be installed. The first inspection takes place at the receiving end. Here a count of incoming wafers will be made too. And then a presorting process will be set in motion. During this presorting stage, wafers will be sorted for its necessary film removal. Stripping schedules are in place to help deal with multilayered wafers.

Further sorting leads to wafers being arranged into thickness groups. And then strip and etching work can commence. Chemical processing work will remove all existing patterns and films from the wafers. And while the next inspection is under way, wafers will continue to be sorted.